The Travel Blogger Changing the Way We See the World

This traveler, foodie, and downright badass woman is changing up the way we travel and where we get our information from. Zahra Khozema is the ultimate travel blogger for anyone searching for an authentic and moving experience abroad.

She’s dug her nails into places like Pakistan, Turkey, and France. She’s not afraid of exploring the unknown within these diverse countries, showing us real and raw details from her travels that span weeks and months.

She dabbles in the tourist culture and the one of a kind local adventures, mixing up new experiences with the ones we all dream about doing. She looks at the world with a positive, open, accepting and politically aware view – making traveling so much more than a vacation.

Screenshot 2018-12-23 at 2.04.49 PM

Here is Zahra crossing a river in a hand-wheel controlled cage in Naran, Pakistan.

As a traveler myself, it’s important to do research on where you want to go. Getting your information from real people you relate to is the best way to get honest, true and accurate opinions and stories about places around the world.

Many people now are sponsored by different tourism companies around the world, giving them free hotel stays in order to write positively about their city, which is fine – but it’s nice to know what you’re reading is coming from a fellow adventurer just like you, searching for genuine experiences.

Screenshot 2018-12-23 at 1.54.23 PM

Zahra continues to travel the world, currently taking on western Canada. Stay updated on her life and travel chronicles by following her on Instagram: @zahratravels

Head to her website below to find amazing travel guides, honest and insightful opinions on tourist attractions, destinations and foods around the globe:


All photos from this article are the property of Zahra Khozema.



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