Finding Your Own Version of ‘Success’

Lately, I’ve been working in advertising agencies and design agencies as I attempt to find where my place truly is inside of this vast and terrifying world.

It’s so cool that there are creative people that work so hard to make a wave within their industry. But I’m finding it difficult to find my own place within this madness of adulthood. I don’t always like people who work in advertising, because I find them insensitive and cold, and I find it extremely hard to relate to people who aren’t empathetic or at least kind.

Everywhere I’ve worked there has been people I’ve liked and disliked. There’s always going to be an array of personalities and you’re never going to get along with everyone all of the time. I suppose in advertising, there’s more pressure to be intense or outrageous because you’re creating work that infiltrates the world. It’s easy to see how egos can flare.

I compared my office jobs to my warehouse jobs and wondered what different kinds of people would consider a successful life or not. All goals are personal and subjective, just like success. I realized, out of everything, I have to find my own version of success and not concern myself of what other’s are, or their opinions on my life.

I think it’s fulfillment. I think it’s seeing it all. Traveling, eating, laughing. I think it’s expression. Isn’t it crazy that we can get so old, get so smart, yet still feel confused about nearly everything?

What’s your version of success? In your deepest heart, what is something you have to do/see/be before you die? What path do you want to try, even if it leads to nowhere? Take it. We’ve got nothing to lose except what we don’t want anyway.





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